knowledge of self


This non-profit organization's origin spawns from people working on, and continually pondering on what is our own individual life purpose. We know that is different for each individual so we ask ourselves - "how can I serve to fortify my community and at the same time strengthen myself to be at my personal best in order to create and seize opportunity."

There is no desire to get preachy - that is not our aim.  We aim to provide learning and resources to empower people to know themselves so that they can design a life they love by building themselves up first, then opening up to share that strength with the community.

We want to empower people with learning programs that can help them discover their passions and transition into more fulfilling and rich phases of life.

It is truly our belief, that knowledge of self, health and wealth are inextricably linked - and we believe that they are the root of building strong communities. 

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